Mayhem Masters

Destroy blocks, gather powerups, blow your enemies to bits, and be the last one standing!

Mayhem Masters is a fast-paced arena blaster where the key to victory is skill and tactical thinking. Collect the best powerups for yourself, and obliterate your opponents with explosions, blocks, or diseases. Choose one of 15 colourful, archetypal characters, from the astronaut and the opera singer to the genie and the crudely drawn stick figure.

Whether you play against your archnemesis for an epic one-on-one or party it up with up to 8 players — free-for-all or in teams — you’re sure to have a blast!

Key Features

  • Play with up to 8 players locally or via Steam Remote Play
  • Choose from 15 archetypal characters
  • Customise your game mode, arena, and powerups
  • Destroy your enemies with over a dozen different powerups
  • Survive through multiple diseases and events
  • Enjoy the classic chiptune soundtrack
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