Mayhem Masters

Digital Ballista is developing Mayhem Masters, a 2D game with gameplay similar to Bomberman that focuses on fast-paced, explosive action for 2 to 8 players facing off to become the final Mayhem Master.
The game features a maze of blocks that may contain powerups. Your goal is to destroy the blocks, gather powerups, blow your enemies to bits, and be the last one standing. We’ve put a lot of effort into making the game fast paced and balanced, where skill and forward thinking are the keys to victory.
Mayhem Masters features 15 colourful and archetypal characters, from the astronaut and opera singer to the genie and zombie. The characters lack personality beyond their archetype, and as such, they are easy for players to insert their own personality into.
Outside of the core gameplay, we also value the player’s ability to customise the game to his or her liking; we have many options available that make for a lot of variety and replayablity.
At Digital Ballista, we also value our customers. Our games feature no microtransactions, no Day 1 DLC, and no DRMs. From ethical business practices to optimised game engines, we want as little as possible to come between you and your game.
We can’t wait to show you more!