Mayhem Masters Press Kit


Digital Ballista
Based in Uppsala, Sweden

Release Date
PC: 27 March 2020

PC (Steam)


Social Media
Twitter: @DigitalBallista
Facebook: @digitalballista
YouTube: Digital Ballista

Blow your enemies to bits and be the last one standing!

Mayhem Masters is a fast-paced arena blaster for 2 to 8 players where the key to victory is skill and tactical thinking. In an arena filled with dangers, blow up blocks and battle your opponents. In addition to bombs, you’ll find secondary weapons, diseases, and powerups that give you a variety of choices when attacking.

Key Features

  • Multiplayer with up to 8 players locally or via Steam Remote Play
  • 15 archetypal characters
  • Complete arena, mode, and powerup customisation
  • More than two dozen different powerups, diseases, and events
  • Classic chiptune soundtrack

Mayhem Masters is available for purchase on Steam.




About Digital Ballista

Digital Ballista is an independent game development studio in Uppsala. Composed of  two gamers, the studio strives to deliver quality games that put the player experience at the heart of all development.


Social Media
Twitter: @DigitalBallista
Facebook: @digitalballista
YouTube: Digital Ballista